Lost Gambling in Macau

Once out of Macau International Airport my first destination is The Venetian which is one of the most famous resorts among other resorts throughout Macau. Obviously I can not possibly stay there because … ah maybe the reader also already know the reason.

Macau is famous for its Las Vegas Asian or Monte Carlo of the Orient. Just like in Las Vegas that there are many casinos, in Macau there are 33 casinos and the largest is The Venetian which is located just minutes away from the airport. Stay up the free shuttle bus at the airport parking to get to The Venetian.

Yummy in Macau where no need to spend transportation money. Many resorts provide free buses at important points such as airports and ports. Just go in and not be questioned nginep in the hotel or not. Easiest yet some point of stop close to the tourist attractions. It’s free, the bus also features wifi super fast. Maybe go ahead and eat free on the #ngarep bus

Up in the Venetian I was gaping with all the buildings. The wooden door can open itself like magic in Harry Potter movies. Duh yes i ndeso. How not ndeso lha wong usually automatic doors are made of glass with sliding openings to the side. This is a glass with a unique wood carving edge and the door openings back and forth automatically. Sophisticated!

Entering the lobby is “grand” and amazed me to fold into the concierge to entrust the backpack. The light of the lobby was dimly lit with golden color to make anyone in it feel warm in the midst of luxury.


For a long time I dreamed of being in a place cursed by religion. Absurd dream oaths that are not worth imitating. Either this heaven of the world is hell? If hell is so horrible why do so many people arrive. Are they not afraid of being tortured and whipped. Yeah right I was in the biggest gambling place in the world.

To enter the gambling area in the Venetian an officer will check the identity of each visitor. Is old enough and baligh to enter the casino.

“Well so like a casino”, lots of gambling machines and table bets like in tivi-tivi. I do not really understand what games are in the casino. Some gaming machines remind me of game machines in game zone. Clipping cring clipping cring glodak gubrak, ignore the last two sounds haha.

Some people huddle in one fun group in the game. Some people are engrossed in the solitude of gambling with the machine while holding a glass of alcohol or orange juice. I was busy traveling around looking for falling coins but I did not find any bhuahaha. Want to try one machine but almost all machines use Chinese characters. Maybe the machine is bilingual but touching any gambling machine I do not dare, afraid of sin. Let’s not gamble, just play uno I lost.

In addition to holding the record as the largest casino in the world, another attraction of The Venetian is in the 3rd floor mall. A romantic place that becomes jujugan all tourists in Macau. A canal-style place in Venice complete with its gondolanya.

Every detail of the building is made as closely as possible to the original in Italy there. The amazing canal at The Venetian is in the building. The blue sky trick above almost tricked every visitor and forgot if it was just made.

To ride the gondola must spend $20 and if you want a private gondola without other passengers have to pay $80. With the price of so many passengers will be invited to surround the canal while sung by Italian romantic songs by the gondola driver. Did I ride the gondola? i can eat 3 times a day in Macau alone is thankful really.

But I have prepared a lot of change to be able to plunge from Macau Tower which holds record highest Bungy Jumping in world number 2 after Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, America. Unfortunately I failed to waste money amounting to Rp6, 5 million not because I was scared but again because of rainy and foggy weather like in Hong Kong. Once in a lifetime my ideals want to do Bungy Jumping, have gone all the way to Macau but failed to plunge.

Macau Tower is shrouded in mist

Because of the weather anyway I can not be satisfied to visit the historic relic site in Macau. The modern city with its many resorts, casinos, and multi-storey buildings has kept many of the ruins of a historic building unique to search for.

Formerly Macau colonized by the Portuguese it is no wonder if many Portuguese-style buildings around the Senado Square, even today Portuguese is still used such as signposts, street names, buildings, and others.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

What to visit is Ruins of St. Paul’s or St. Paul’s Ruins. It is a church built in 1602 and burned on January 26, 1835 leaving only the front wall. In 2005 UNESCO crowned Macau as World Cultural Heritage for being a silent witness to the meeting of Eastern and Western cultures.

The ruins of the church are now the most important and famous landmarks in Macau. It’s so famous to get there to fight through the ocean of humans, where the day was drizzle was unstable. But he called me to eat for free on the road. Many gift shops give tester to attract buyers. So comot only, quite for the contents of the stomach haha.

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