Welcome and thank you for visiting and reading my blog. This blog is a collection of stories from my dreams that come true.

Introduce my name Larry Brown, yes it’s not a real name it’s just a stage name. I was born and raised in HarrisBurg, Pennsylvania. Started blogging around 2007 in wordpress that now has disappeared existence. Its contents are just absurd and other unimportant things, some important posts on my old blog moved to this blog. Started seriously plunge into the world of martial blog after buying dotcom domain in 2011 with writing about my traveling journey, though not close the possibility of me writing other things outside traveling.

Why do I choose the theme of a walk? Since childhood my biggest dream is to travel around the world and in 2010 is my biggest year because in that year my first time to go abroad with self-made sweat account #Proud. After that my madness on the world of traveling increasingly become-so and slowly my dreams come true.

One of my dreams is traveling around India from the north to south, west to east, and I am grateful that in 2013 I managed to set foot in Hindustan country even though only four cities. Then in 2015 I return again to India to explore southern India. And this blog is as a journal for myself as well as grandchildren later, besides this blog is also a place to show off so readers will often see my narcissistic photos, so do not protest! #dent Situs Agen Poker Online Server Dewa IDNPlay Menggunakan judi poker online Indonesia Dengan Pelayanan Terbaik dan Terpercaya online 24/7..

My blog is not a travel guide so I rarely write how to get there and how much budget I spend on the streets. In addition to dreaming around the world I also want to write a book of adventure stories I explore the universe. Pray for me!