Anti Mainstream Tour in Singapore

I forget how many times to Singapore, but it is still fresh in mind if Singapore is the first country I visited in 2010. Until now I really do not remember how many times to get there.

If asked what not bored to Singapore many times? The answer is baseball. because every journey of the story will always be different and colorful. Continue to go anywhere in Singapore? Most of the tours are-that’s it and burn the money of paper (read: shopping). Since mainstream travel destinations in Singapore are dozens of times I visit so I am looking for a little out of the beaten path alias that is anti mainstream. Most importantly the free tour destination does not need to pay.

Instead of a half-fish lion statue that sprayed the water must be visited by all tourists, because the Merlion icon is a fist of the country? Yes, Merlion is mainstream but will be anti mainstream if it comes at five or six in the morning. When light is still a bit dark, when everyone is still on sleep. Because at that hour Merlion is still very quiet. Just seen some people hunting photos of sunrise. Just for information, sunrise in Singapore at 6:45 am. And the MRT starts operating at 5:30. So do not worry about transportation to Merlion.

Everyone is fighting over photos with a Merlion background. Once the photo leaked everywhere. In addition to being able to take pictures with lion statues without disturbance, you can also watch the sunrise in this place. Really epic oath if the weather is fine. The best sunrise spot in Singapore.

Joo Chiat
Very not popular for tourists, let alone Indonesian tourists. And I see that there are no tourists passing by in a decent place a bit far from downtown. Joo Chiat located in Katong area is interesting because many old peranakan Chinese houses. A plaid house with two floors below which serves as a neatly lined shop. The name Joo Chiat was taken from Chew Joo Chiat, a wealthy landowner in the early 20th century. Not much to do here besides taking pictures and jajan snacks in the market nearby.

Haw Par Villa
From Katong go to Haw Par Villa in Pasir Panjang. Take the MRT Circle Line or the yellow line and get off at Haw Par Villa MRT Station. The theme park is right next to the MRT station exit. Here are many statues of Chinese folklore. Gods and monsters of colorful Chinese mythology adorn this place. Dragon Gods, Gods of Heavens, Warlords, etc. are displayed as beautiful and attractive as possible. This place is like a four-dimensional comic. Each section tells stories of goodness against evil.

The creepy is the Ten Court of Hell cave or the 10 Hell Tortures according to Chinese beliefs. Sculptural miniatures were tortured, beheaded, whipped, stoned, burned, disused, depicting the penalty for human sin as they lived. You are holy and I am full of sin hicks.

Chinese Garden
Continue to take the MRT to the Chinese Garden, as soon as exit MRT Station will be greeted by the footpath split the grassy field into the Chinese-themed park. This park is popular among Indonesian and Filipino TKW for recreation but rarely touches tourists. On Sundays many Javanese-speaking mothers and Tagalog lay mats in various places. Holiday deliberately they make to gather while vent and ghibah fellow overseas. I myself have been chatting with them under a tree. Without any request they will vent out lamenting kesahnya during work in Singapore. “Duh dek, I kerjo ngosek wc, sing nang omah karek ngatong nituk duit, think kenong engine opo money?” If translated freely “Duh deck, I work hard here, who at home bit ask for money, I think what money machine? “The patient nggeh buk!

In this park there is a main pagoda close to the entrance and also the twin pagodas on the edge of the artificial lake, really adds to the romantic place. There are many statues of the commander and also 12 zodiac statues. At the back there is a Japanese Garden with many decades-old bonsai-bonsai.

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