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While in Vietnam there are six cities in the five provinces I visited. I started the journey from North Vietnam to South Vietnam. The track is common for tourists exploring Vietnam. They must be traveling from north to south or vice versa. Vietnam’s prolonged geographical and tourist destinations on the main routes make it easier for travelers.

To switch cities between provinces in Vietnam there is a choice of five modes of transportation. First can board a plane but it must be expensive, the two trains, the three buses, and the last flying rug Aladdin. Okay ignore the last one.

My travel route while in Vietnam

A week in Vietnam I use buses and planes. I did not take the train because he said it was expensive but the road is like a snail. The bus ride just faster and friendly in the pocket. But why did I get on a plane? Because I am rich.bhuahaha. More for being forced upon my foolish mischief of the day.

If you want to save money in Vietnam take a bus. Moreover, there is a bus with a ticket to the canal. Well piye it? The term there is Open Bus Ticket. So for example you from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and stop by in the following tourist cities: Ninh Binh – Phong Nha – Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An – Nha Trang – Mui Ne – Sai Gon (last destination). Can buy open bus ticket. Only pay early in the first city and can take the bus from the same company to the next city without paying anymore. Cheaper than buying one by one.

More and more cities are visited more expensive. That time I bought with the route: Hanoi – Hue – Hoi An – Saigon. While Sapa has no route, so I bought a separate Hanoi – Sapa – Hanoi. Price? I really forget how many, I know his son is lazy to record. If not wrong about 300 thousand to 350 thousand dollars. Even then I use the bargain business while ploring the pants to the realtor. So can be a decent discount.

Where’s the purchase? In the building store next door. Backpacker track is really indulgent for tourists. Just ask the people of the hotel or hostel, they must sell bus tickets in exchange for fees that are included in the ticket price. Stay standby as scheduled departure in the hotel lobby and later will be picked up by Bus conductor. Pick him all sorts, some are picked up and invited to walk if near the place of departure. In Myanmar I was picked up using a small van, in Cambodia picked up wearing tuk-tuk. Do not get picked up by limousine. Quiet it all at no extra cost. Includes service. Sometimes i am panic because the pick up has not arrived, but already past the departure schedule. Relax, they usually pick up other passengers first. That’s what keeps it old. If more than two hours have not been picked up too, fix you left and abandoned.

The entire bus fleet of the seat type is a sleeper bus, so passengers can sleep comfortably long distances. Seat with two levels and is on the left right near the window as well as the middle. So there are two aisles on the bus to walk.

For further travel messages you have to go to the pool bus and book the day before. Can not go-show. Just bring a small book-shaped ticket and show it to the clerk. Ask also what is provided pick up to hotel or not. In Hue I walked alone to the pool bus because it is close to the hostel where I stay. I do not remember what bus fleet I ride but almost the bus fleet in Vietnam provides an open bus ticket. Just choose Camel Travel, The Sinh Tourist, Hanh Cafe, and many others.

Disaster for the tall, because the chair sleeper designed size according to Asian body standards. For me it fits but the other bule-bule I see foot bent. When it’s all there is sleep that legs hanging down. Some are scattered in the hallway.

When booking is not given seat number, so when the bus comes to be seized, who can he quickly. My experience twice can seat horror time from Hanoi to Sapa, and behind it also so. At that time I just directed the conductor to sit down. And I was told to occupy the back bed by the toilet. The mattress was spacious so had to share for the three of us. Be along my threesome trip with strangers. Returning from Sapa to Hanoi all the front seats are full and would not want me to sleep in the back bed near the toilet, and threesome again. This is where the catastrophe takes place. The toilet began to let off unpleasant smells. The smell of rotting and rotting mixed together to make a head nggeliyeng. The new bus is 30 minutes walk and there is still 5.5 hours left. Oh no!

I was short of breath and cold sweat stifling the stinging smell of pesing. The stomach is already churning out. I’m looking forward to the wind and sitting ngerot near the driver. Not for ten minutes the driver told me to return because he broke the rules and was afraid of a police ticket. I have protested that the toilet smells rotten but there is no action whatsoever. Maybe he does not understand English.

In the end I must keep the stench until the end of the trip. The same French Bule I saw pity and gave me pills to relieve nausea. The pills worked once in a while. The rest of the journey I spray mask that I wear with perfume and get ready plastic bags on the side if my stomach defense breaks down aka vomiting. As a lesson when heading to Hue I find the front or middle seat. I’m not going to leave even though the conductor is evicted. Do not ever want to sit in the back if you take a bus in Vietnam.

One more trick to take a bus in Vietnam is always wearing flip-flops. Because the bus entrance is sacred like a mosque, so the footwear should be removed. Provided plastic bags to store footwear. Very difficult if you have to wear shoes. On the way the bus will stop once at the restaurant to rest, eat, and toilets. Unfortunately the ticket does not include eating like a bus Eka Fast majoring in Surabaya-Yogyakarta who give a meal voucher at Rumah Makan Duta di Ngawi. Although the food in the ambassador is not good but good for stomach bumps.

The mileage of the cities I went to was pretty far away, so I always choose the night trip so it can save the fare. Just from Sapa to Hanoi and Hue to Hoi An I ride in the morning due to time and schedule limitation. Hanoi to Sapa takes six hours, if you go back 12 hours. Hanoi to Hue takes 13 hours. And Hue to Hoi An only three hours. While Hoi an to Danang I took a local bus because it was only an hour. Gempor kan take a bus in Vietnam.

While Hoi an to Saigon I do not use because I made a mistake. Less observant research and incorrect counting days. From Hoi An to Saigon takes about 17 hours. If I take the bus, I definitely missed the plane home. Would not want me to buy a plane ticket to Saigon from Danang whose price is really good for the two-three-month spree. Suppose I dispose of Sapa from the itinerary maybe this incident did not happen. Gublik khan!

Vietnam really made my wallet screwed. From the beginning of the flight plane delay and forced to take a taxi, pay a fine for canceling Halong Bay tour; the hostel money was forfeited because the hostel already closed midnight; rent bikes and motorcycles on the same day for not knowing distance; a two-time overdrive ticket; forced to buy domestic air tickets. Ah calm money can be searched again, after all my land heritage still many wakakaka. Moreover travel without micin spice will feel bland.

Happy traveling!

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