Walk around Hakone and see Mount Fuji from Close

Continue my writing about holidays to Japan. After an overnight stay at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, get up at 5 am and get ready to Shinjuku station. My plan that day was to tour Hakone all day. From Shinjuku I bought a Hakone Free Pass ticket for 5000 Yen, so Hakone Free Pass is a return ticket from Shinjuku to Odawara, well from Odawara to Hakone area can ride as much as any vehicle, either train, cable car, yacht and bus during 2 days. With Hakone Free Pass I can save about 1000 Yen if you use unit ticket. It would be more efficient if you actually stay in Hakone, because for 2 days free ride any vehicle there. I still go there just a day doang.

The trip to Hakone was treated to a magnificent view, visible Mount Fuji clearly from inside the train of majors Odawara. Arrived at Hakone-Yumoto station I was looking for the goods custody locker. Because since from Shinjuku I still carry my heavy backpack. Understand I did not book the hotel at all so can not stop at the hotel and leave the backpack. Let’s not pack your backpack, take a shower yet. Oppsss.

Hakone Cable Car

In Hakone actually a lot of interesting places to visit. Due to my limited time and 7 pm I have to be in Yokohama, so I visited some tourist attractions so highlight Hakone. And even then I choose a ticket without going to save budget.



The first objective is Owakudani, in Owakudani there is a hot spring from Mount Hakone eruption 3000 years ago. In Owakudani also I can see Mount Fuji clearly in sight. I think I still shudder to imagine the moment, the eyes are tears in tears. Body creeps limp look at one of the mountains in this world that must be seen and visited before I die. Lucky it was, especially the day was very bright sunny day. The day after I visited Hakone it rained non-stop all day, I got the news from two friends whom I knew on the plane, they went to Hakone exactly the day after me. It’s a handsome man not far from hehe ? fortune

Mount Fuji from Owakudani

To get to Owakudani I ride Ropeway or Cable Car aka Hanging Train, as I said above, with Hakone Free Pass I freely ride the Cable Car many times. Until Owakudani station I have to go up the stairs to get to the view point that there is also a hot water pool which is usually made to boil an egg. Egg stew in Owakudani is very famous but unfortunately I do not taste, again limited budget hehe. Three eggs about 100 thousand if in rupiahin. Kuro-Tamago or black egg, raw egg that was originally white skin inserted in a sulfur pool and after ripe skin turned black. It is said to be efficacious eggs.

People Boil Eggs in Owakudani

People are boiling eggs in a sulfur pool

Satisfied in Owakudani I continue my journey to Lake Ashi, still with my Cable Car to Togendai Station. There have been waiting for a cruise ship or rather a pirate ship to cross to Hakone-Machi. Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) or Lake Ashi is a lake formed from the Hakone volcano eruption 3000 years ago. By boarding the Pirate Ship I crossed Lake Ashi, the route I took was from Togendai to Hakone-Machi, suppose I took the other way I could enjoy Mount Fuji from the oncoming ship. I had never seen such a clean lake before. It feels natural there is very awake. The ship starts moving and I get ready to take the position of the front of the muzzle, let me ride the Titanic and I can shout “I’m king of the world”. Although the sun is quite hot but the wind and cold autumn temperatures so felt to the skin, 15 degrees.


Pirate Ship that I was riding

Upon Hakone-Machi I proceed to Hakone Checkpoint, a bit sorry because the ticket is expensive 400 Yen (if without Hakone Free Pass must pay 500 Yen), the place is small and the contents even I do not understand at all. Imagine a museum but a visual control and all the information in Japanese, English does not exist. How can I understand about the museum. Hakone Checkpoint translates to Hakone-Yumoto through the cedar woods, well the cedar woods are also interesting to enjoy and free as long as it does not go through Hakone Checkpoint, I am wrong route.


Mount Fuji from Lake Ashi

Who does not drool look at this scene?

My blogger friend recommended to stay at Hakone overnight but I was quite satisfied to see Mount Fuji from close by, after all the hotels there are expensive because Hakone is a tourist city. At 4 pm I decided to leave Hakone to get to Yokohama.

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