Wandering in Hanoi

That morning I woke up a bit later than usual. I usually get up really early to start the streets let me be able to visit all the destinations. The day before I was really tired exhausted driving a bus from Sapa to Hanoi. I can bed next to the toilet again in the bus. But this one is more severe because the smell of the pesky nose poke. I got dizzy and almost vomited. Lucky the French tourists next to me to give me a magic pill that I swallowed so dizzy. Calm it is not a pill koplo or tablet PCC more intense at this time hehe. It’s just a nausea and vomiting reliever. Unfortunately the problem-solving and debt pills until now have not been found. Arriving in Hanoi at three o’clock in the afternoon I immediately checked in the hotel in the Old Quarter area and slept until the next day.

I have a lot of free time in Vietnam’s capital before going to Hue in the afternoon. Since there are not many tourist destinations in Hanoi so I am rather relax starting the day. The plan is still just to some places by walking while hunting photo street. Before starting my road fill gasoline (read: breakfast) used to be at the nearest KFC for energy. KFC is always a mainstay if ngetrip to countries that culinary many babiknya. Although chicken in KFC may not be halal as well, most also strangled before given flour haha.

Hanoi is Vietnam’s second largest city, whereas Hanoi holds the capital of the communist nation. The first one is of course Ho Chi Minh City. Nevertheless, the resting place of Ho Chi Minh is not in Ho Chi Minh City but in Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is my first goal. So great was Uncle Ho’s service to Vietnam that his name was named as the city replacing Saigon in 1976. Because of the love of the people of Vietnam, the cemetery was built very grand and luxurious.

Typical communist-minded states of architecture are made thick, wide, broad. The impression is dashing and gahar. The field in the front yard of the graveyard is several times the soccer field. While the grave box just like that with a boring accent. Interesting fact that this grave belongs to the ugliest Building in the World ranking six.

Unfortunately when I come the visitor is not allowed to enter because there is an event. Usually the queue is really long just to be able to see Ho Chi Minh’s body. I am quite satisfied to visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum which is a separate building at the back of the main cemetery building. In the museum is told complete about Uncle Ho’s heroism. Someday I want to build a memoir museum whose contents are about my heroic stories and also displayed pictures of my bhuahahaha nyinyiran victims.

Uncle Ho sightings

Ho Chi Minh Museum’s mood

From Uncle Ho’s place I walked straight up to the Presidential Palace. Again must massage chest because it is closed. I went straight through Quan Thanh Temple to Tran Quoc Pagoda on the edge of the lake. Kudu misuh-misuh because the pagoda is also closed. Tired of walking and sweating, uh closed. What curse is this hiks. Upset! I cultivated lunch at the nearby Lotteria while taking a break and wifian.

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Feeling strong I walked again to the National Museum of Vietnamese History. Pretty  tired walking 4 km. The location of the museum is located close to the Hanoi Opera House. The museum is open, if not open maybe I have burn. I love to enter the museum. In addition to love history, entering the museum can make a short time from the sun.

National Museum of Vietnamese History

His collection of museums opens quite a knowledge horizon. Hack the horizon. Talk about Vietnam before pre-history about 300,000 years ago. Bronze Age, royal dynasties governing Vietnam. Until a more modern history such as the Vietnam revolution of 1945.

Vietnam colonized by France, do not be surprised if many old buildings breathe French. Like this museum which also uses old-style French buildings. The most magnificent in my opinion is the Hanoi Opera House at the roundabout CMT8. From the roundabout I continued on foot to Hoan Kiem Lake.

Hanoi Opera House

Previously I stopped by the most legendary coffee shop in Hanoi. Giảng Cafe serves coffee not with milk but with egg whites until frothy to a latte. I’m not a coffee lover, just drop by just want nyicip only. Delicious, no fishy aroma at all. Egg Coffee cold a small glass for 24k rupiah direct my baseball and instantly limp sweat cold. I like that when I drink coffee. Not strong. I am weak! And I forgot the snapshots of his egg coffee haha.

Long time at Giang Cafe I instantly flowed into the most popular lakes and locals hangout. This morning I saw there are mothers who aerobics aerobics together. The millennial generation is hanging out while playing Pokemon Go. Rame! Every seat there is a person, not to mention standing. But everything is busy with their respective devices.

It is said that this lake there are turtles and in the lake there is a tower called Turtle Tower. The myth still when Emperor Le Loi rowing boats in this lake appeared the Golden God of the Turtles and asked for the sword that Le Loi waged against the Ming Dynasty. To mark the moment the lake is called Hoan Kiem or the Return of the Sword. Halah mbuh pokoke ngunu critane. On the lake there is also Ngoc Son Temple, but I do not go because they have to pay 30k dong or $1.5. View from the outside is enough.

Turtle Tower

If calculated using Google Maps that day I walk around Hanoi approximately 10km long. Between the happy gempor how so. Happy because I save a lot of transportation costs, but back to Indonesia I ngeluarin fare for my foot reflexology massage that gempor hahaha. I ended my visit in Hanoi with dinner again at the same KFC around Hoan Kiem Lake. After dinner I took a bus to Hue in Thừa Thiên-Hu Provinsi Province.

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